Simple Captcha in Rails Application


Today I will tell you about Captcha.

You must saw different kinds of captcha on the registration page.Well that is for security purpose so any hacker can’t create fake users using any program or script.This is very serious problem on the website.But the solution is much simpler.


Now, which is the best option to implement captcha in rails?

I found a plugin for captcha named “Simple Captcha”.It has quality same as it’s name.It’s damn easy and you supposed to add only one line of code in your view file(Yes!!! Only one line of code. Believe me!)

You can find it here:

After installing this plugin write only one line in view file as below:

<%= show_simple_captcha %>

That’s it.

Keep in mind that to use this plugin you have to install RMagick first.
To know more about RMagick click here:

You can do custom changes as per your requirements in the plugin.Go through readme file for more details.

So add captcha in your application and have a safe application!

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Hi I am Pancholi Pulkit.

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