Generate Reports, Graphs, and Documents with Ruby on Rails

Hi guys,

I am sure that you see sometimes various graphs and charts on sites.

Have you ever think to integrate those type of beautiful graphs and charts with your Ruby on Rails sites?

I found some gems and a plugin that can fulfill your wish.

  • Gruff: This gem is very good and very old. So you can find very much info. about it. I suggest you to read book “Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails: Create and present attractive reports, graphs, and documents using Ruby on the Web, on the desktop, and on the server by David Berube

    For online help please visit

  • Scruffy: This gem can be your second choice if you don’t like Gruff. To know much about it please visit
  • Open Flash Chart 2: This plugin is the best that I found till now for creating graphs and charts. To know more about it please go through

Please keep in mind that above two gems will create image and Open Flash Chart 2 plugin will create Flash Object so you are supposed to deal with .swf file. But Don’t scare if you don’t know much about it because you can find online free source on it’s  site.

RailRoad: Ruby on Rails diagrams generator

RailRoad is a class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications. It’s a Ruby script that loads the application classes and analyzes its properties (attributes, methods) and relationships (inheritance, model associations like has_many, etc.) The output is a graph description in the DOT language, suitable to be handled with tools like Graphviz.

RailRoad can produce:

  • Model diagrams, showing both inheritance hierarchy and models associations. You can choose to show the model “content columns” and its types.
  • Controller diagrams, showing inheritance hierarchy. You can include the controllers’ methods, grouped by its visibility (public, protected, private.)
  • State machine diagramas (for use with the “acts_as_state_machine” plugin.)