Learn rails online at it’s best way

Good news for people who want to learn RoR online(ofcourse free ;))

DHH Team create a seprate site for rais aspirants.

follow this link: http://guides.rails.info



RailRoad: Ruby on Rails diagrams generator


RailRoad is a class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications. It’s a Ruby script that loads the application classes and analyzes its properties (attributes, methods) and relationships (inheritance, model associations like has_many, etc.) The output is a graph description in the DOT language, suitable to be handled with tools like Graphviz.

RailRoad can produce:

  • Model diagrams, showing both inheritance hierarchy and models associations. You can choose to show the model “content columns” and its types.
  • Controller diagrams, showing inheritance hierarchy. You can include the controllers’ methods, grouped by its visibility (public, protected, private.)
  • State machine diagramas (for use with the “acts_as_state_machine” plugin.)

Rails 3?

Hi rorians !!!

Great (and may be shocking) news for you all that rails 3 will release in 2009.

Now you will think that what is so shocking in it.

But wait!! Listen to DHH….

He said that rails 3 will contain functionality of merb.

yes !!!

It’s official.